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The Early Years

Author Natlie Pitt was born on the beautiful Island of Grenada, completely surrounded by tropical Oceanic beauty and gorgeous sunrise and sunsets that one can only describe as heaven…Natlie grew up within a very strict British family consisting of her mom and  siblings. She’s the second of five  siblings. She said “The benefit of having so many siblings is that she always had company.” It wasn’t until her eighteenth birthday did she finally have time to herself…

And now we will let her take it from here…

You see, my older brother was already working and attending university and my three younger siblings were attending private school , So finally, I had time to myself.

I watched a lot of Television. Anything to do with Chick Flicks, Lifetime; when Lifetime used to advertise as (Lifetime Television for Women). I also watched anything and all movies relating to Helen Hunt, gosh I love her. I fell in love with her acting when she played in: Mad About You. When I wasn’t watching TV, I was reading my mom’s old Mills and Boon Romance Novels, which by the way I started reading when I was only seven. I would literally skip through the pages until I locate a page where there was kissing. Oh, if my mom knew, I would be toast.

Well, four years after High School. While I was visiting the Caribbean, My beautiful Aunty from California came to Grenada on Vacation. We connected like mother and daughter and the four weeks she spent in Grenada that Summer, we fell in motherly and daughterly love. Six months later, I was on a flight to California and that’s when every guy on planet earth was in pursuit of the new girl on the block within a very upper division community in California. Well, my aunt was not going to have it. Of course she wanted me to meet the best catch in Southern California. Well, again, I had a lot of time to think about what I want to do with myself. Boy was I happy to be in the US. The thought of being in the Celebrity State, and Hollywood was only a short drive away. I could be anything I wanted to be…

So here I am, after returning to University for another five years, I graduated with two advance degrees and remembered my passion for writing. For as long as I could remember, I was always writing something. Short stories, Poems, unimaginable encounters; anything that inspired my mind, I wrote. My inspiration didn’t stop there, I started writing my first Fiction novel and after five and a half months of writing, I had an eighty-one thousand word Novel. After sending out query letters to about fifteen publishing houses, Page publishing in New York picked up my very first work out of over eight thousand submissions they received that month to be published. “Page publishing said. “You wowed our review board. Natlie, we would love to publish your novel.”

Should I tell you more…I can go on and on about my unique personality but here’s a very popular few lines about myself: I'm a very outgoing person, and I always find ways to be helpful; to help anyone I trust without judgment. In a room with a hundred or more people, I would more than likely be the one to start a conversation-one that would educate someone of something uniquely different or even better have everyone laughing. Today, because of my bubbly personality and friendly online presence, more than 1 million people around the world knows me... I am classed with Rihanna and Beyonce Knowles. I’m also known as a Philanthropists and American Socialite...To be naturally gifted with the unique ability to sing or Write…

Welcome to my page! It’s an absolute pleasure to make you an acquaintance…

Final Countdown

May 7th, 2021

Check out the latest work by Author Natlie Pitt. Final Countdown took them all over the world while being written, and the outcome is an influential page-turner unlike any of their prior projects.

White Sand

There are millions of unwritten books locked away in your mysterious heart. Just open up that word document and start writing. No drafts, no crumpled up paper on the office floor Just punch away at those intrusive keys, and I'll see you 85,000 words later.

Author Natlie Pitt


Beverly Hills CA, 92315

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