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Notebook and Pen

About The Author

 Natlie might have seen some of the world’s most beautiful horizons. From dawn till dusk, the views from her window have always been the soft yellow ray of the sun as it casts its golden reflection on the bay at sunrise. Then just as faithfully at dusk, displays its multicolored memory of the day’s joy-cascading remembrance on the twilight sky at sundown. Natlie is a fascinating Author, American Socialite, Poet and Romance Novelist: She has Authored, Heavenly Pillars, The Little Book of Writing Inspirations, A Royal Encounter, and now Cascading Sunsets on Sandy Island.

Writing has never been optional for Author Natlie Pitt. Like eating and breathing, it’s something integral to her existence. Every day she is thankful to be able to make a career from something that brings her so much enjoyment.

It wasn’t easy landing her first break in the publishing world. Fortunately, a close friend and literary agent saw her potential in 2018 and that was the beginning of the first chapter of her professional literary life. Since then, Author Pitt has published a number of inspirational stories and very popular Novels.

Natlie currently resides in Southern California where she is always surrounded by exquisite beauty that instills a fire in her heart to release her most imaginative work.

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